• Minister announces
    development of
    National Policy on
    Social Enterprise

  • Social Enterprise Strategy
    in Victoria, Australia

  • Data Collection
    and the GDPR
    What Charities Need to Know

  • What is a Social Enterprise? A social enterprise is a business whose success is measured as much on
    the positive social impact it sets out to achieve, as on its profitability.

  • Workplace Coaching
    in a Social Enterprise
    Coaching at Speedpak Group is delivered as part of the social
    enterprise dividend to the employees we set out to support.

  • Speedpak Group 2016
    Enhanced Skills Programme
    Awards Ceremony

  • J.P. Morgan
    Careers Workshop
    Corporate Social Responsibility in Action

We trade,
we train,
we transform.


Speedpak Group is a social enterprise based in Dublin. We operate two successful commercial businesses—Speedpak Contract Services and Shamrock Rosettes—that provide work opportunities to end long-term unemployment.





We have delivered social impact by ...

Employing over 800 people in our community since 1995

Delivering 4000 accredited and non accredited training hours annually

Awarding 400 minor and 40 major qualifications since 2012

Now employing and training 80 people annually

Doubling our commercial business in the past 5 years


Your investment enables us to ...


DOUBLE the number of Speedpak graduates who move to employment or further education.



SCALE the Speedpak Consumer Journey Model to other organisations.



IMPROVE quality and increase our competitiveness.



INCLUDE people who are marginalised as we move towards economic recovery.


Learn how Speedpak can help you achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Goals.


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