About Us

We build our business, to provide work opportunities, to end long term unemployment.

Speedpak Group operates commercial businesses to support long term unemployed people get back to work by providing real work experience, accredited industry training, mentoring and tailored supports.

Speedpak was founded in 1995 by a local development company the Northside Partnership in collaboration with the local business community and State support. The purpose then as now, to address the issue of high long term unemployment in the city’s most disadvantaged areas on Dublin’s Northside.

The ‘catch 22’ of not being able to get a job without experience and not being able to get experience without a job, prevented local people from accessing employment in their community.

Creating a real commercial business with a social purpose was a new and innovative solution then and has stood the test of time a quarter of a century later.

That’s why we recruit local unemployed talent who experience social and economic barriers, are more distanced from the labour market and as a result find it difficult to secure employment.

Since our foundation we have employed and trained over 1300 people, making a significant social impact to individuals and families in these communities.

To the outside world we operate like any manufacturing SME business with similar functions including customer service, finance, sales and marketing, production and human resources. This is really important from a commercial perspective because it creates the operational structure required to deliver to our customers. It is also central to our work experience and training offering as it provides the opportunity to work in a real business with paying customers, quality standards to achieve and deadlines to meet.

Management Team

The Company trading as Speedpak Group, Speedpak Contract Services and Shamrock Rosettes has successfully operated since 1995. It is overseen by a highly experienced voluntary Board of Directors, professional leadership team and skilled core team.

To be effective, we need to have the expertise and skills at a strategic and operational level. Our Board of Directors have considerable experience across these lines, with particular expertise in commercial, finance, state sector, local development and further education.

Their experience plays a key role in supporting the Company as it navigates the internal and external challenges of a social enterprise. We are also very fortunate to have a skilled and committed core and contracted staff of fifteen with a blend of professionally-qualified staff alongside those with the experience of previously being training staff. They deal with many challenges on a daily basis that includes:

  • recruiting exclusively from people who are long-term unemployed – where there are higher rates of hidden behavioural, psychological and addiction-related barriers to employment that may only become evident after an extended period of employment
  • managing ongoing training staff turnover as they progress to jobs or further training
  • supervising demands required for commercial contracts in the context of up to 40% training staff turnover annually
  • balancing commercial deadlines with training needs.

By working together, many of these challenges are overcome as training staff progress to the labour market again or, in many cases, for the very first time.

John P. Murphy

John P. Murphy B.A., HDipEd., MSc. Management

Chief Executive

John has extensive senior management experience across business, social enterprise and local development companies.

He began his career in education and later moved to the private sector where he held sales and business development roles with Coca Cola HBC Irl. and Tennents Irl.

Prior to his current appointment, he was Employment Services Manager with Northside Partnership. John has led Speedpak since 2003 during which time the Company has evolved significantly.

It has grown its commercial businesses and profitability, increased it social impact and won numerous awards for social entrepreneurship.

He is Secretary of the Social Enterprise Task Force where he is an advocate for promoting social enterprise in Ireland.
Following Ministerial invitation he worked on the interdepartmental research group that informed the development of the first National Social Enterprise Policy in Ireland published in 2019 and launched in Speedpak Group.

He is also a member of the Board of Coláiste Dhúlaigh College of Further Education ETB.

E. john.murphy@speedpak.ie

Edel Moloney

Edel Moloney BA., MSc. Organisational Psychology, MSc. Management, Reg.Psych.,Ps.S.I.

Change & Development Manager

Edel worked for many years in the financial sector both in Ireland and the UK where she specialised in providing advice and training to corporate and individual clients in relation to legal and compliance issues.

Edel is a Chartered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) and is also a member of its division of Work and Organisational Psychologists (DWOP).
She was appointed to the Psychologist Registration Board of CORU by the Minister for Health in 2016.

She is currently Vice Chair of the Board of the Northside Counselling Service and a Trustee of the Pobal Pension Schemes comprising 60 individual company schemes.

E. edel.moloney@speedpak.ie

Patrick McCarthy

Patrick McCarthy BB HRM, H. Cert. Business, Dip Management

Operations Manager

Patrick joined Speedpak in 2005 as Operations Manager.

Prior to his appointment he worked for a number of large international manufacturing companies including Dataproducts, Hitachi and Ricoh where he held senior management positions.

Having begun in manufacturing and distribution he later moved on to be responsible for operations. He has brought with him extensive commercial experience and knowledge gained over the years from working in these environments.

E. patrick.mccarthy@speedpak.ie

Sabrina McDonald

Sabrina McDonald Cert. Business Management

Assistant Operations Manager

Sabrina has been with Speedpak since 1999 and has been in her current management role since 2015.

She brings extensive knowledge and experience of all aspects of manufacturing. She also brings considerable experience mentoring and supporting long term unemployed people in developing workplace skills and positive work behaviours. Sabrina has qualifications in Business Management, Mentoring and Health & Safety.

She is a member of Speedpak’s Health and Safety Committee. She has been a lead player in the introduction and development of software systems to improve quality and productivity in the organisation.

E. sabrina.mcdonald@speedpak.ie

Equally important to what we do is how we do it.

We are very proud of our organisational culture. Our key values remain central to our achievements and how we operate as a social enterprise.

They are:
INTEGRITY – We strive to be fair and transparent and to ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality.
HONESTY – We promote honesty, accountability and openness establishing relationships based on trust.
RESPECT – We treat people with respect, dignity and sensitivity. We recognise and respect diversity. We value the contribution of each individual.
COMMUNITY – We strive to help, support and improve the community in which we work.
INNOVATION – We embrace new ideas and encourage the kind of thinking that produces better products, processes and services.