Speedpak Group is seeking to make contact with other Work Integration Social Enterprises [WISEs] who wish to be featured in the WISE Ireland directory that was launched in May 2022.

“Work Integration Social Enterprises exist mainly to improve the employability and employment prospects of people furthest from the labour market.” (O’Hara & O’Shaughnessy, 2021).

This project was undertaken in order to raise awareness of WISEs, particularly among the business community. Our goal is to increase commercial, procurement and philanthropic opportunities for social enterprises.

The directory can be viewed at www.wiseireland.ie. Inclusion is free of charge.

We are continuting to promote the directory to large businesses to highlight how they can create positive social impact by collaborating with WISEs. We demonstrate how, by partnering on commercial or social projects with WISEs, those businesses can achieve their Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs] and realise their Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] ambitions.

The project was initiated as part of the Government’s 2022 Awareness Raising Initiatives for Social Enterprises [ARISE] programme, approved by Government with support from the Dormant Accounts Fund.

Please get in contact with us at info@wiseireland.ie so that we can include your organisation’s details in the directory …and together we can raise the profile of our sector and provide greater supports for people who are long-term unemployed.

Further details for social enterprises is available on the WISE project landing page at www.speedpakgroup.com/wise

Updated: 3 August 2022