Co-inciding with International Women’s Day, our SERI co-member and SEDF winner The Shona Project launches the Shine Festival

One of the biggest gatherings of Irish Women ever!

This three-day, free-to-attend, online festival of empowerment features almost 100 speakers, 40,000 attendees and covers every possible topic that would interest or concern our attendees. It also includes a treasure hunt, spot prizes, performances, an opportunity to share your thoughts and a diverse speaker panel so every girl feels represented, seen and understood.

Check out the Shine Festival now at:

The Shona Project is a social enterprise that celebrates women from all over the world, those who succeed and those who overcome, those who lead and those who think, those who win and those who learn. We share our stories so that we don’t feel alone. We laugh, learn, try and cry together.

The website was built to share news that is relevant to young Irish women. We celebrate the achievements of powerful, successful and inspiring women from Ireland and all over the world. We ask experts for advice on common issues. Most importantly, we give young women a platform to share their own stories, in the hope of helping others and proving that none of us are alone. And sometimes, we’re just here for the craic.