Our Enhanced Skills Programme [ESP] is a series of tailor-made, work-based training programmes that provide long-term unemployed people with the skills they need to gain employment in the logistics and manufacturing sectors. This programme is supported by J.P. Morgan as part of a global philanthropic investment of JPMorgan Chase of 200 million USD each year to create pathways to opportunity by supporting workforce development, financial capability, small business development and community development in the regions where they do business.

Delivering a CV workshop to ESP participants.

At the Speedpak Group we continue to see weekly successes with the programme, not only in the growing skills and confidence of participants during their in-house work and training, but also in their interactions with the ‘outside world’. This is evident, when they are dealing with clients, meeting prospective employers or taking part in off-site training and work experience.

And, it’s when those new skills and new-found confidence are applied outside of Speedpak that trainees get to fully appreciate the value of what they have learned and what they, as individuals, can bring to a new role, team or organisation.

Mock interviews being conducted by Serena and Jordan.

An opportunity to apply new learning and to learn more about transitioning to new workplaces was recently offered by the staff at J.P. Morgan. They invited our ESP participants to their Dublin headquarters for a career seminar, which was specially designed for Speedpak.

HR team members Amanda Lucas and Jordan Rowcliffe gave participants the ‘full interview experience’ with full feedback, while Experience and Executive Recruitment EMEA, Serena McGivney provided a comprehensive workshop on CV Preparation, Job Application and Interview Skills.

Hands-on help with CVs.

Crucially, Serena also helped the group to explore other relevant skills and experiences that would help them to enhance their CVs, thereby enabling them to recognise and articulate personal competencies that had been overlooked or discounted by them.

Participants left the seminar equipped with, not only an armoury of up-to-the-minute career development tips from a thoroughly experienced insider, but with a greater appreciation and understanding of their individual abilities. They also took away the knowledge of how important it is to recognise and uncover hidden personal skills and talents, which increases their overall potential.

By reaching out in this way, the J.P. Morgan team displayed a commitment and interest in making a social impact that went far beyond the funding of a programme. Team members took time to learn about each of the participants and they helped in a very individual, personal and nurturing way, focused entirely on guiding them towards developing their future career prospects.

For this experience we at the Speedpak Group are very grateful.

Speedpak Group’s Enhanced Skills Programme participants with Serena McGivney, Amanda Lucas and Jordan Rowcliffe of J.P. Morgan.