Sunday, October 21, 2018

Become a Customer, Investor or Supporter!

The backing of our customers, investors and supporters is vital to our success.

Click here to read about the Pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Your input as customer, investor or supporter enables us to provide training, skills, recognised qualifications and work opportunities for long-term unemployed people and people who are marginalised.

Speedpak Customers

We focus on providing top quality products, service and customer care to the hundreds of B2B and B2C customers that we serve through our two commercial businesses, Shamrock Rosettes and Speedpak.

These operations generate approximately 50% of our income through delivering contracted services and selling products in a competitive marketplace while providing a real commercial working environment for our trainees.

Our customers include Bewleys, Quertee, Zeus, Bunzl, TP Whelehan, Clondalkin Pharma, Johnson & Johnson, RDS Dublin Horse Show, Irish Pony Club, Tullamore Show and the Irish Kennel Club.

Speedpak Investors

Our public investors include the Irish Department of Social Protection and POBAL for whom we are contracted to provide labour market and wage subsidy programmes. The Northside Partnership, who founded Speedpak, contract us to provide specialist training and support.

Speedpak benefits from the generosity of a number of primary investors who provide key financial support and loan finance for specific expenditure and programmes. We work with these companies to form a mutually beneficial relationship whereby they achieve their social ambitions through our impact.

Click here to view information on the Speedpak Work Skills Programme & the Enhanced Skills Programme.

Our investors include JP Morgan Chase Foundation, Allergan, The Arthur Guinness Fund and The Ireland Funds.

Speedpak Supporters

We are a social enterprise that strives through learning and hard work to provide the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

We are very fortunate to have a variety of supporters who have been so inspired by what we do that they have become part of our story.

Examples of the support they provide includes:

  • the provision of expertise, goods and services to us for free or at reduced rates as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment
  • the purchase of our goods and services as part of their CSR commitment
  • the voluntary provision of over 400 hours per year of advice, guidance and expertise by our Board of Directors.

Our Supporters include A&L Goodbody, Fashionflo, Afanite Limited, FP Logue Solicitors, Bank of Ireland, Clann Credo, Miele, Peronima Consulting and Definitive Solutions.

The Pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility






Suppliers & Customers


Governance & Communication

How you interact with your local community.

How you support and engage your employees.

Making responsible commercial decisions.


Showing what CSR means to you. Supporting, managing and communicating CSR.

How Speedpak Group can help …with your help

We can be your local non-profit partner in the local community.
We can provide meaningful volunteering opportunities for your employees.


You can provide employment opportunities for talented and committed Speedpak programme participants.
You can demonstrate your diversity and staff development by giving opportunities to highly trained Speedpak graduates.


You can source goods that also deliver social outcomes.

We can be the voice of your CSR programme.
You can demonstrate mission lock: Your CSR activities are aligned with your mission and goals.