T-Shirt Printing Instructions


Getting Started

Go to “www.shamrockrosettesclothing.com”

Works best on desktop screens.

Click on ‘Clothing Catalogue’ in the navigation menu at the top of the page
the ‘Order & Design’ button on the homepage
the ‘Start Designing’ button on the homepage


Choosing a Garment

The full range of garments is spread out over three screens.


Choosing a Garment using the Filter

  • You can filter garments by ticking a category and/or a colour.
  • The ‘Full Range’ tickbox should remain ticked at all times.
  • Not all colours are available for all garments.


Choosing a Garment by Image

Click on an image to take you to a page that provides further information, including pricing, and another opportunity to select the garment colour.


Garment Colour

Choose a colour by ticking one of the colours in the swatch.


Garment Size, Quantity and Miimum Order Quantity

  • Your order can include different sizes.
  • The minimum order quantity per order is 20.
  • Choose the number of garments for each size that you require.
  • The sum total of the numbers in the boxes should be equal to or or greater than 20.


Start Designing!

To proceed, click on ‘Start Designing’.


Design Dashboard

  • This dashboard lets you import and place your logo and add text to the garment.
  • You can also add imagery and text to the back and sleeves for an extra cost.
  • Click on the images in the Locations column on the right of the dashboard to show the back and sleeves.


Product Box Functions

The function of the Product box on the left hand side of the dashboard is to…

  • show an image of the product you have chosen.
  • let you change to a different product using the ‘Change Product’ button.
  • provide further information on the product when you click on the ‘More Product Info’ text.
  • let you change the colour of the garment by clicking on any of the colours in the swatch.
  • let you to select or change the garment size(s) when you click on ‘Select size’.
  • provide further information on the garment (when you click on the ‘View Description’ text.


Starting at the Front of the Garment

  • To design on the front of the garment, click on the ‘Body’ icon on the right-hand side menu.
  • This is normally selected by default.


Importing an Image or Logo

  • To add a logo to your garment, click on the ‘Add Logo’ button on the top of the dashboard.
  • This will open the ‘Add Printed Logo’ dialogue box


Importing an Image or Logo

  • Click on ‘Add Printed Logo’ in the dialogue box to access the file containing your logo on your PC.


Importing an Image or Logo

  • To access your file on your PC click on the ‘Upload Image’ button from the ‘Select A Design’ dialogue box. Select the file for import.
  • [You may have already saved a file on our system from a previous order. In such a case you can simply select it from the box on the right.]


    Copyright Permission

    • As the file uploads, a copyright permissions dialogue box will open. Please confirm that you have permission to use the image you have chosen by scrolling down and ticking the box beside ‘I Hereby declare I own the rights to print this image.’ and press the ‘OK’ button.


    Number of Colours

    • The processes of screen-printing and embroidery limit the number of colours that can be used. Here, the maximum is seven.
    • If there are more than seven colours in the image you are importing, the system will ‘posterize’ the image by converting continuous gradation of tone to several regions of fewer tones i.e. it will attempt to convert a photograph or highly detailed, multi-coloured image into a simpler illustration-type image.
    • The system lets you remove and replace colours.
    • Fewer colours mean a lower price.
    • You can toggle between the original image and the newer updated image.* This outlines why images with flat solid tones and little detail are best, and why it is good to have your logo prepared in advance of this part of the process.

        [Brendan/Bart: Can we re-name ‘coloured image’ to something else such as ‘Re-worked image’ or ‘Updated image’? Toggle between ‘Coloured Image and Original Image? – Make these bigger. Swap them around?]



      Positioning and Image/Logo

      • To position your imported image/logo, click and drag with your cursor.
      • Left and right breast positions are outlined as a guide for your convenience.


      Resizing an Image/Logo 

      • Resize the image by dragging on any of the corner dots.
      • Increasing the size of the image in this manner will reduce its quality. The quality indicator bar at the top left will indicate the quality of the image with green being optimum.

      • Again it’s better to have the image optimised to the correct resolution and final dimensions in advance of importing in order to ensure the best quality print.

      • The orange marquee outlines the print area. Only what is inside the orange dashed line will print.



      • Clicking and dragging up, down, left or right on the rotate icon (by the top right corner of the logo or text box) will let you rotate the image or text box.


      Deleting and Image/Logo/Text Box

      • Clicking on the ‘X’ symbol (by the bottom left corner of the logo box) lets you delete the image (or text box) off the drawing board. To retrieve your original image, you may have to re-upload it from your computer.


      Resizing and Positioning Images/Logos 

      • You can also resize and reposition, rotate and flip your logo using the ‘Image Properties’ controls panel that appears on the top left of the dashboard when you are working with your image.
      • Colour effects and borders can also be added.
      • Ensure ‘Resize Proportionally’ is ticked if you intend to resize the image.


      Adding Text

      • Click on the ‘Add Text’ button to add text.


      Adding Text

      • Click on “Add Printed Text” / “Click here to add text”


      [1.] Change “Select Type of Text” to ”Add Text”

      [2.] Change 

      “Add Printed Text

      Solid colours. Choose this for larger qty. Minimum qty is mandatory.”


      “Click here to add text.”


      Inputting Text

      • Enter the text.


      Editing, Formatting and Positioning Text

      • Use the cursor or the control panel on the left to resize and reposition your text.
      • Text that has been input using system does not lose quality when resized.
      • The control panel also offers a number of colour, formatting and special effects options.
      • Left and right breast positions are outlined as a guide.
      • The orange marquee outlines the print area. Only what is inside the orange dashed line will print.


      Printing on Back and Sleeves

      • Repeat for back and sleeves if required.
      • Note that more printing will incur extra cost.


        Printing on Back and Sleeves

        • You will be asked whether you (i) want to reuse an existing design or (ii) to create a new design.
        • Re-using an existing design will give you the exact same design and configuration as you created for the front of the garment. This may not be suitable for the back.
        • ‘Create A New Design’ gives you the freedom to create a different design and configuration at the back and is generally the most popular option here.


        Layers, Print Area Marquee, Undo and Redo Functions

        • Each logo, image or block of text that is imported will have its own ‘Layer’ and each can be altered independently of the other.
        • Click on the layer icon to view and organise and minimise the layers. This is particularly useful if you wish to overlap layers.
        • Click on the square to the left of the layers icon to switch off (and on) the print area marquee. This is helpful for previewing your final design.
        • Clicking on the curved arrows to the right of the layers icon lets you undo (and redo) your most recent move or edit.


        Design Completed!

        • When you are happy with the design you have created, Click on “Buy” in the top right hand corner of the dashboard to proceed with the purchase of your garments.