A workplace-based training programme provides its trainees with opportunities that they likely would not get in a typical education environment.

By having a real-world opportunity to interact with staff and experience workplace routines, trainees quickly learn about the different roles and rules necessary to become part of a team. By being able to observe the variety of production processes and logistics involved, they get an objective and valuable insight into how an operation must function in order to be efficient and productive.

In addition, trainees benefit not only from the practical support and information provided by staff on a daily basis, but also from the general support of the networks and industry partnerships, which are constantly being developed on their behalf.

Workplace training offers a dynamic environment, that facilitates learning by providing trainees the opportunity to get a coal-face experience of the relationship between theory and practice. It offers them the opportunity to be part of a working team and to build their experience by learning under real commercial conditions.

Moreover, a company that hosts a well-organised, well-facilitated and well-resourced Traineeship Programme, while also recognising and engaging with the insights and unique experience of each of the trainees of that programme, will itself benefit significantly in return.